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Benefits of Learning Chess

Improves Memory

Academic Growth

Increases Focus

Develops Creativity


We are your "One Stop Solution" to all your Chess Learning requirements

We aim to provide top-quality chess lessons from experienced tutors at affordable prices. We also provide add-ons like class recordings, online tournaments, progress analysis and much more. We provide chess lessons for beginners, intermediates and advanced level students through group classes and one to one online classes

  • Top-quality lessons at affordable prices
  • Well-structured syllabus
  • Additional homework materials / references
  • Regular tournaments
  • Access to class recordings
  • Regular progress update & analysis
  • Personalized training from experienced coaches
  • Classes as per your convenience
  • Individual attention
  • Personalized syllabus structure
  • Access to class recordings
  • Regular progress update & analysis
  • Grandmaster/International master classes at the most affordable price
  • Game review & analysis by Grandmasters
  • Understand how Grandmasters calculate
  • Master secrets to  improve positional skills
  • Crack even the toughest endgames
  • Access to class recordings

Are you looking for a playing partner to improve your Chess skills?

We have the solution for you. We provide highly qualified playing partners for you to play and analyze your games

What our Customers Say

"Sanjay is a highly dedicated chess instructor who works really well with kids. He really pushes your kid to think hard and play their best move. He also gives extra practice matches and puzzles for kids to try. He really checks and monitors the effort that your child is putting and gives his best guidance in their way."
Vidhu Vijay
Mother of Vivaan Vijay
"My nine-year-old son has benefitted a lot from the chess training sessions with Mr Sanjay. Mr. Sanjay, with his unique teaching skills, has effectively managed to instil the enthusiasm to learn more by providing him a lot of practices. Without any second thoughts, I would recommend him to any person who has a passion to learn chess"
Joshy Simon
Father of Juwan Joshy
"Sanjay Sir teaches you what you want or need to learn, not just what he wants to teach. I joined for opening classes & found one of the best coaches for opening in advanced level. For sure, he will be good for any topic in chess. He is very punctual & honest. Also, an active chess player, that's why he is very much updated. I strongly recommend him for serious chess players who wants to improve to next level."
boy sitting in front of a chessboard with chess pieces
Abel Sajan
Champion of Al Ain Ramadan FIDE Tournament 2022

About Us

We are a group of chess enthusiasts whose primary aim is to spread the love for the game amongst the common people. We always felt that the royal game of chess never received the popularity that it deserved. People refrain from learning chess due to a number of ‘Myths’. The most common of these being that ‘chess is boring’‘chess is tough’  & ‘only people with brains can play chess’.  We aim to break these myths through The Chess Village.

Meet Our Team

a boy staring at the chess board
Sanjay S Pillai

Founder/Head Coach

FIDE Instructor with 12+ years of coaching experience. National level chess player and has represented India in Commonwealth games twice. 

a man posing for a photo with white background
Robin Thomas Jones


Member of College Chess team which won Mahatma Gandhi University Chess Championship Thrice (2016-19).

A person sitting in a chair and smiling and posing for a photo with white background
GM Sundararajan Kidambi

19th Grandmaster of India

a boy playing chess with chess pieces on a chessboard
Vishnu Surendran

National Instructor with 8 Years of Coaching experience. He represented India in Commonwealth Chess Games and also the Kerala State Junior Champion, 2010

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